Womens Recovery Tights



BASE Recovery Tights apply 20–30 mmHg of pressure where it counts. Through cutting-edge BASEFLEX technology, this is compression designed for optimum recovery — and to get you back training faster. Wear for a minimum of 4 hours after training — or overnight for maximum benefits. Through minerals woven into every fibre, BASE Performance Tights converts body heat into infrared energy, providing a renewable energy source. Not only does this help you heal quicker, but also allows pain to subside faster — and amplifies stamina and endurance.

For best fit, go smaller. For example, if you are between a medium and large, go medium.  

  • Breathable.
  • Durable.
  • 4-way stretch.
  • Reduces chafing.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Moisture-wicking.

Designed with our re-purposed, exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabrication for breathability, durability, and body temperature regulation, it's your only Base Layer.

We take an essentialist approach to design, meaning that every feature has a purpose, and no distractions for you.

20-30 mmHg - FIRM