Groms Energy S/SL Springsuit

By Ripcurl


The Peak Groms Energy Short Sleeve 1.5mm Back Zip Spring Suit is a great entry-level suit for your little grom that will help foster a love of the ocean. This suit is perfect as it will keep the kids comfy and warm when the water is chilly, it also features a back zip for getting them in and out of the suit super easy.

This suit has a 1.5mm thickness which allows it to still be flexible whilst still providing some warmth for your grom, the short arms and legs also help with flexibility and comfort.

  • 1.5mm - used throughout the suit.  1.5mm is flexy and very effective at moderate insulation and cutting wind chill, but not enough for a winter wetsuit throughout most of Australia.
  • Back Zip - it's a zip and its on your back, but to elaborate (because that's my job) the backzip has spanned the entire history of wetsuits and is the easiest system to use in terms of entry/exit.  The downside to back zips is that it inhibits expansion of the back panel because the zip itself doesn't stretch - back panel stretch is vital when standing up on a surfboard as there is a great deal of back stretch when tucking your knees under.
  • Flatlock Seam - I'd bet there'd be enough flatlock stitch laid in the history of wetsuits to cover the distance of here to the moon and back, and for good reason.  It's extremely durable, almost 2D and is the most cost effective seam out there.  But bear in mind the many pinholes created in the stitching process creates plenty of passages for cold water to enter the suit.
  • Spring Suit - springies are short leg & short arm wetsuits, no neoprene on the elbows and knees gives you full freedom of movement and puts less resistance on the shoulder.  Great for core temp retention, not the best at cutting windchill.