Tour Slam Lite

By Wilson

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Incredibly lightweight considering its huge head size, the Tour Slam Lite is all about improving power and consistency for beginner players. The V-Matrix technology infused into this oversized head provides a large sweet spot, not only boosting power, but also adding several degrees of forgiveness on off-centered hits. Another source of added power comes from the Power Bridge, which provides longer main strings for greater rebound speed and energy. This pre-strung racket is also slightly longer than the standard racket, allowing players to chase down and reach that one extra shot.


  • Best For: Beginner tennis players learning a new sport
  • AirLite Alloy: Helps improve performance using a lightweight, durable frame
  • Oversized Head: Enlarged sweetspot provides effortless power and extra forgiveness
  • Bumper guard: Protects racket frame from bumps and scratches
  • Length: Added length helps players stretch and reach one more ball
  • Comes pre-strung